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paying tribute to the "star scientists" who are forging ahead in the new era!

on december 5, 2018, the list of candidates for the "chinese scientist of the year, 2018" award co-hosted by china science daily,, and science news was released. professor geng meiyu, the principal inventor of gv-971, the world's first oligosaccharide drug against alzheimer's disease invented in china, was included in the list as an outstanding scientist who has promoted technological innovation and the industry application of research results in china. currently, you can visit the official website ( to select your favorite "star scientist" and "knowledge hero" from among 50 candidates.


     (photo source: the official voting website for “chinese scientist of the year, 2018" award)

the selection of "chinese scientist of the year" began in 2010. the award enjoys a good reputation and has been influential within the scientific community. this prestige comes from the authority and strict standards of the award selection and from public involvement. the award committee for 2018 is chaired by wang zhizhen, an academician at the chinese academy of sciences and vice-chairman of the 11th chinese people's political consultative conference. members of the committee include ouyang ziyuan (father of the chang'e probes), academicians, experts, and senior media professionals. the chinese scientist of the year is selected based on his/her contributions to the development of science and technology in china for 2018. furthermore, the results are affected by the major honors he/she won and the attention he/she drew from domestic and foreign media. the online public voting was launched yesterday. the voting results and strict evaluation by experts and academicians will be made before the final selection of chinese scientist of the year, 2018 and special man of the year.


(photo source: the official voting website for “chinese scientist of the year, 2018")

in july 2018, phase iii clinical trials for gv-971 were successfully completed. in october of the same year, professor geng meiyu disclosed the initial clinical trial data for gv-971. this was done on behalf of the chinese research team at the 11th clinical trials on alzheimer's disease conference. as the only speaker who received two warm rounds of applause at the conference, she evoked a strong response from the audience. this research breakthrough has received a great amount of media attention at home and abroad.


journalists from xinhua news agency and cctv, the two major national news agencies, were the first to arrive at the scene to conduct interviews, cover the event, and spread the good news on china's new drug development. this internationally-recognized chinese innovator drug was widely covered by mainstream media at home and abroad.

new drug r&d involves long and risky cycles. it requires trial and error, as well as constant financial support. since 2009, green valley has invested all its operational profits in the r&d and industry application of innovator drugs. thanks to years of continuous and determined investment, we have successfully completed phase ii and phase iii clinical trials for gv-971. the follow-up studies as well, on the pathogeneses of important diseases such as restoring intestinal flora and reducing brain inflammation have also been completed. in november 2018, the drug review center of the state drug administration officially started processing green valley's application for the launch of gv-971 capsules. meanwhile, green valley has initiated international clinical studies on gv-971. (visit the gv-971 section of green valley's official website for more details.)

this new era calls for people like this. they long to be a part of innovation, take responsibilities, and make selfless contributions with sincerity and man’s natural kindness. they strive for the success of their missions with fraternity and perseverance. green valley has hoped that by creating this award more people will be able to join green valley in paying tribute to the scientists who have facilitated china's progress in scientific fields and technology. pay tribute to this era of chinese talent!

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