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life sciences innovation
concept innovation

human body as a whole, is complex and organic, with close interaction and mutual influenceamong multiple organs and systems. chronic and complex diseases accordingly are not only about local anatomical abnormities of affected organs. they are also local tissue manifestations of multiple dysfunctional systems such as immune, metabolic,and endocrine ones. therefore,our understanding of these diseases shall be beyond the level of organ and delve deeper into the causal multiple-system dysfunctions. in this way, we can achieve transformation from closed to open, from the local to the whole, thus making modern medicine breakthroughs in the treatment of chronic and complex diseases.

based on this holistic perception of disease, and under the research framework of holistic treatment, green valley is devoted to exploring pathogenesis, innovating new life science paradigm, developing new carbohydrate drug technologies, and enriching product pipeline, so as to provide brand new health solutions for global patients affected by chronic and complex diseases.

technological innovation

carbohydrate is playing important roles in almost all the physiological and pathological procedures as energy source, structural substance and signal molecule. its mechanism of action featuring systematic regulation has provided boundless space of imagination to treat chronic and complex diseases. yet the complicated and flexible structure of carbohydrate chain has also made it more difficult to develop carbohydrate drugs.

green valley has accumulated over 20 years’ theory, experience and technology for carbohydrate drug innovation. we keep exploring pathways for carbohydrate drug r&d. under the framework of holistic treatment, we pioneer to forge a multi-disciplinary matrix platform featuring carbohydrate drug development technologies. brand new industrialized drug r&d model is built, enhancing our competency for scientific discovery and technological innovation for carbohydrate drug development in a comprehensive way.

product innovation

green valley has taken the lead to build its carbohydrate compound library. it boasts rich product pipeline for carbohydrate drugs. its innovative products cover a wide range of areas including neuropsychiatric disease, malignant tumor, metabolic and auto-immune diseases. green valley carbohydrate drug science engineering center, which is under construction, is expected to expedite our endeavor of carbohydrate drug innovation, and hence bring benefit for the health of patients affected by chronic and complex diseases globally.