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mission & vision
our mission
developing only the medicine that human beings most hope for
life is a journey of love. green valley excels with a perseverance to address unmet treatment needs of complex diseases. to that end, we have been making great efforts to delve into chronic and complex diseases research and carbohydrate drugs development with aiming to improve the quality of life.
oligomannate tm(gv-971) helps to light up the hope of life for those patients of alzheimer's disease.
alzheimer's disease is a chronic, progressively fatal disease. its pathogenesis is complex with multiple, high-risk pathogenic factors. every three seconds someone across the globe will be diagnosed with dementia. in 2018, around 50 million patients were affected by dementia worldwide. by 2050, the number may jump to 152 million; three times that of today. it is estimated that the global dementia care expenditure is 1 trillion dollars. this is likely to rise to 2 trillion dollars by 2030.*
despite the risks of new drug r&d, green valley always bears its mission in mind. green valley continues to excel with a perseverance to innovate, shouldering the hopes of alzheimer's patients and their families. after 21-year efforts, gv-971 will help restore the quality of life for more patients and their families afflicted by alzheimer's disease.
*data source: world alzheimer report, 2018
our vision
being a global leader in carbohydrate drug innovation
we are committed to becoming a global leader in carbohydrate drug innovation, providing safer and effective drugs for patients with chronic and complex diseases, and providing better choice of treatment of diseases and improving the quality of life.