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company overview

shanghai green valley pharmaceuticals is an innovative chinese pharmaceutical company that pioneers new treatment strategies in the area of chronic and complex diseases. the company upholds the sacred mission of "developing medicines that fulfill the biggest unmet medical needs for human health", explores the pathogenesis of chronic and complex diseases with a holistic view of treatment, and focuses on breakthrough innovation in research and development of carbohydrate drugs. green valley is committed to becoming a global leader in carbohydrate drug innovation, providing safer and more effective drugs for patients with chronic and complex diseases, and providing better choice of treatment for diseases and improving the quality of life.


green valley pharmaceuticals was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in zhangjiang science city in shanghai, china. it is focused on advancing research programs in neuropsychiatric diseases, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and autoimmune diseases. it has 1,500 employees in china and operates a subsidiary in the united states. it has built the large-scale carbohydrate compound library, the carbohydrate drug api and processing facility, and the world's leading r&d pipeline for carbohydrate drug products.