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research parteners
green valley has built core strategic cooperative partnership with the shanghai institute of materia medica (simm), chinese academy of sciences (cas). in addition, the company has established strategic cooperative relationships with top universities, colleges and scientific research institutions. some of these institutions include peking university, rowan university, the university of washington, and university of toronto. green valley conducts in-depth research on pathogenesis, drug r&d, diagnosis, non-drug treatment, and relevant techniques with its partners.

the shanghai institute of materia medica (simm), chinese academy of sciences (cas) is one of the most advanced chinese research institutions for drug discovery with a sublime international reputation. green valley has built a long-term, strategic, cooperative relationship with simm. as a result, the green valley innovation fund was specifically established to enhance the creation of industry innovation and the realization of scientific research achievements.

bracket is an american company that operates internationally that specializes in the training of scale rater consistency. green valley leverages the professional experience of bracket in scale evaluations to conduct unified training and evaluation of scale raters participating clinical trials.

based in the united kingdom, ixico is a public company devoted to the data collection, quality control and analytical services of medical imaging. green valley cooperates with ixico in calibrating the pet of clinical research centers and training imaging technicians in a standardized manner. this is obviously done to control the collected data quality and analysis.

banner alzheimer's institute enjoys great fame in america as well as the rest of the world. it is committed to promulgating new care standards for ad patients and their family members. banner is a leading innovative research institute specializing in the detection and treatment of ad. green valley has invited experts from the banner alzheimer's institute to provide academic support for its ad drug research.

green valley has joined hands with experts from top institutions of higher learning such as the university of washington, rowan university, and the university of toronto. green valley, along with these institutions have conducted research projects and developed biomarker applications which utilize non-invasive detection methods.

iqvia is the largest pharmaceutical and bio-technology service provider in the world. green valley has built a long-term, strategic cooperation with iqvia to gain access to a one-stop clinical research service which supports new drug r&d all over the world.

covance is a world-renowned pharmaceutical and bio-technology service provider. covance has provided comprehensive biological sample glp testing services for green valley during their strategic collaboration.

joinn is a famous chinese pharmaceutical and bio-technology service provider. green valley has engaged in a multi-dimensional cooperation with joinn that has produced beneficial results in terms of drug safety evaluation, drug screening, and pharmacokinetics research, etc.