he saved countless lives, but failed to save his own. today, green valley employees paid another tribute to wang yiping, the principal inventor of salvianolate-wepoker官网

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he saved countless lives, but failed to save his own. today, green valley employees paid another tribute to wang yiping, the principal inventor of salvianolate

seven months ago, when wang yiping, a researcher of the shanghai institute of materia medica of the chinese academy of sciences and one of the principal inventors of salvianolate, suddenly passed away, green valley employees expressed their deep sorrow by writing articles in memory of him. these articles spoke of wang as a good friend of green valley and a good scientist of the nation. they also expressed their inconsolable grief and deepest respect for wang. today, we often recall mr. wang yiping as a role model for the era, and his pursuit of the truth, perseverance, and spirit of "innovation, cooperation, and dedication" are still heartfelt and inspiring.

what is the purpose of life? should with the flow like a leaf floating on a river? or, should we do something more meaningful for the world drawing on the natural kindness of mankind? wang yiping gave us the answer with a compelling spirit, "develop good innovator drugs to benefit patients across the globe." wang yiping was as refreshing as spring water, and he always adhered to his original faith. he made contributions that improved the health of others. he did this with sincerity and kindness at a time when faith was forgotten and profit-seeking was the major concern.

“a research team, led by wang yiping, spent 13 years developing the modern chinese medicine “salvianolate injection.” their goal was to treat coronary artery disease and angina pectoris. clinical trials proved that the injection could be used as an effective treatment for coronary artery disease, angina pectoris, and other diseases. these remarkable therapeutic effects discovered during the trials were verified in clinical practice settings as were the stability and controllable quality of the injection. the salvianolate injection was subsequently launched in 2005. the injection has now been used in more than 5,000 chinese hospitals and clinical practices. more than 20 million patients have received benefits from it.

mr. lv songtao, chairman of the board at green valley pharmaceutical co., ltd., said in an interview with wenhui daily, "after the new drug went into production, drug developers could have set it aside completely, but wang yiping was still concerned about the further r&d of salvianolate and was on call practically at all hours. he always said that the best is never good enough. although salvianolate had always been a popular product since its launch; some hospitals had even been insisting on it. it was the first chinese medicine that came with a clear list of ingredients, clear description of effects, stable and controllable quality. salvianolate featured an extremely low rate of adverse reactions. for over a decade, wang yiping continued to work hard to develop oral preparations for a more convenient administration of the drug.” he also said that he was touched by wang yiping's spirit as a scientist and stated, "we should instill this attribute in company employees to inspire them while raising their social conscience." (source: wenhui daily, original title: it's his faith to make good innovator drugs! wang yiping developed good medicine to cure more than 15 million patients during his 25-years fight against his own illness, written by xu qimin) 


as a matter of fact, wang yiping's spirit as a role model of the era has already been adopted as the faith for green valley employees.

ms. ding yu, senior deputy director of green valley research institute and the person in charge of the clinical studies conducted on salvianolate at green valley said, "i was lucky to know mr. wang yiping in 2000. since then we entered into an all-around cooperation in further clinical studies, application for new drug certificates, industry application of research results, and other areas. his rigorous scholarship, his pursuit for greater excellence and his dedication as a contemporary scientist had always inspired me during our 18 years of cooperation. the way he showed his modesty, noble character, diligence, selflessness, and sincerity set a good example for me to follow when i conducted myself. he not only benefited tens of millions of patients, but also produced good economic returns for the country. we are stricken with grief by his early death, but his spirit as a scientist will inspire us to continue with his unfinished career. we shall take up the standard and carry on with his fight against complex diseases. we shall do this so that new drugs may benefit patients as soon as possible!”

"drug quality and safety are vital to the lives of patients. it is our responsibility to guarantee that every stage in the drug production process (including salvianolate and other drugs) is perfect and flawless. only in this way can we live up to the great trust of dr. wang and the sanguine trust of our patients," said mr. sun rendi, director of the production center at green valley.

ms. zhou jing, marketing director of green valley said, "since green valley launched salvianolate injection more than ten years ago, dr. wang had been paying close attention to its clinical effectiveness and safety. on each occasion, dr. wang left the impression of being sincere, modest, and meticulous with experts and colleagues at green valley. for us, the best way to commemorate him is to pursue rigorous scholarship, truth, and innovations in our research on salvianolate and other drugs, so that every drug we develop will provide the best therapeutic effect for more patients."


wang yiping pursued perfection in science and he was highly dedicated to the r&d of salvianolate. green valley sincerely appreciates mr. wang yiping for his trust in green valley. over the past decade, green valley employees have been driven by the core values of "faith, responsibility, open-mindedness, innovation and a win-win relationship" in their efforts to explore the treatments of alzheimer's disease. green valley has also invested the profits generated by salvianolate injection since it first began its r&d of gv-971. salvianolate injection is the world's first oligosaccharide drug against dementia invented in china. on october 16, 2018, green valley submitted its applications for the launch of gv-971 and its manufacturing license in china.

when there is faith, every failure is a milestone on the way to success. green valley has experienced countless twists and turns in its efforts to develop and launch chinese innovator drugs, but it has always adhered to its faith; never gave up on tackling complex chronic diseases. green valley has been dedicated to developing, “... only the most crucial drugs.” today, we are still working side by side with mr. wang yiping, with the strong urgency to “... develop new drugs of clinicians' preference around the world." we will live up to the trust of patients, work against time to contribute healthcare solutions for china, and keep the light of hope for patients all over the world.

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