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stay true to the mission and adhere to innovation - green valley was granted ‘excellent innovative enterprise award of zhangjiang science city’

on january 17, 2019, at the event entitled “zhangjiang time – a review and prospect of zhangjiang science city and the signing ceremony of major projects” which was held under the leadership of the construction and administration office of zhangjiang science city, shanghai, the green valley pharmaceutical co., ltd. was honored with ‘excellent innovative enterprise award of zhangjiang science city‘.

green valley is well known for being a company that is dedicated to leading the development of the brain healthcare industry. lv songtao, chairman of green valley attended the signing ceremony for strategic cooperation on major projects in zhangjiang science city in 2019. it was here that he signed the agreement of intent on strategic cooperation in gv-971's production projects.


in an interview with shanghai television, mr. songtao lv said, “a cutting-edge carbohydrate drug substance manufacturing site and a pharmaceutical preparation site have been in place certified with gmp standard. in hence, once the new drug is approved, we will kick off production immediately.”

at present, the projected annual gv-971 output at green valley's production base can only satisfy the demand of 500,000 patients, but in china the number of patients with alzheimer's disease exceeds 10 million, so the productivity is far from enough. therefore, zhangjiang science city is providing favorable conditions to support the production of gv-971, in the hope that the new drug could benefit more patients as soon as possible.

video source: primetime news of dragon tv on january 17

an award ceremony for outstanding company representatives was also held at the event venue. green valley stood out from tens of thousands of companies in zhangjiang and was honored with the excellent innovative enterprise award of zhangjiang science city‘.this award was given to green valley due to its excellent contributions to the establishment of zhangjiang science city. many of the award-winning colleges, universities, institutes, and enterprises had previously received national level or city level recognition. 



general secretary xi jinping said on his inspection visit to the exhibition hall in zhangjiang science city, "we should increase our sense of urgency and sense of mission in technological innovation, treat technological innovation as a priority, and handle the 'finishing shot' well so that technological innovation may play an important role in implementing the strategy of innovation driven growth and replacing old growth drivers with new ones at a faster pace."

green valley has always taken innovation as a solid foundation in its business. this chinese pharmaceutical enterprise has been committed to developing the brain healthcare industry. based in zhangjiang shanghai, green valley has flourished in a free, inclusive, open, and efficient business environment over the past 20 years. the company now has a world-leading library of carbohydrate drugs, a leading technology development platform for carbohydrate drugs in the academic circle, and rich product lines of carbohydrate drugs. it will also build on its success in gv-971 and dedicate itself to exploring a new development mode for the brain healthcare industry that will combine clinical practice, scientific research, information and production. these efforts will drive the development of industrial hubs for carbohydrate drugs and brain healthcare, and create new growth drivers for shanghai’s economy and even the national economy. therefore, contributions will be made in innovation, core technological breakthroughs, and the building of technological innovation centers with global influence.

attendees at the international exchange center of shanghai tech university also witnessed signing ceremonies for strategic cooperation projects, key-handover ceremonies for new projects in zhangjiang science city, and award ceremonies for outstanding enterprises. leaders from the shanghai office of technological innovation, departments of the pudong new district government, zhangjiang group, and zhangjiang hi-tech park witnessed the ceremonies. 

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