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green valley was awarded “excellent expert academician workstation of 2018 in pudong new district"

recently, green valley pharmaceutical co., ltd. was awarded “excellent expert academician workstation of 2018 in pudong new district” by the association for science and technology, pudong new district, shanghai. in the afternoon of january 14, green valley representatives attended “the 2019 spring festival gathering of science and technology workers in pudong new district.” it was there that they received their award certificate from wang xinling, vice chairman of the standing committee of the pudong new district people's congress.

weng zuliang, member of the standing committee of the shanghai municipal party committee and secretary of the pudong new district party committee, tian chunhua, chairman of the pudong new district people's congress, yan xu, chairman of the pudong new district committee of the chinese people's political consultative conference (cppc), leaders from the pudong new district government and party committee, leaders from the pudong new district committee of the npc and cppcc, as well as academicians from the chinese academy of sciences (cas) and chinese academy of engineering (cae) including ding jian, shen xuechu, wang weiqi, shen wenqing, tang xican, wei dunshan, zhang yonglian, chu junhao, and li lin attended the gathering.


under the pudong new district's policy support that favors openness and innovation, gv-971, the world's first oligosaccharide drug against alzheimer's disease invented in china (green valley participated in the r&d of this drug), passed phase iii clinical trial in 2018. it blazed a new path for the r&d of drugs against alzheimer's disease and benefited patients worldwide. during general secretary xi jinping's inspection visit to the zhangjiang science city, he paid special attention to the r&d and production of this drug. he also offered his encouragement of the staff, and he said that the drug is very important so everything should be done well.

under the academic leadership of academicians and experts, green valley's innovation momentum is constantly boosted.

in 2015, green valley pooled the intellectual resources of top scientists by establishing an expert academician workstation and a high-level platform for technological innovation. the efforts made reaped outstanding results. the r&d team in the workstation is made up of eight senior experts, including ding jian, an academician at cae, and professor geng meiyu, a researcher at the shanghai institute of materia medica of the cas. geng meiyu is the principal inventor of gv-971. green valley has equipped the expert academician workstation with first-class instruments and top r&d talent. by leveraging the expert academician workstation as a think tank, green valley has been able to develop new drugs for cancer, metabolic diseases, and brain diseases including alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease, and depression. the anti-dementia drug gv-971 is one of those new drugs developed by green valley.

in 2019, with the ambition and confidence to be a pioneer the field of pharmaceutical research, green valley now strives to be the forerunner of technological innovation. their goal is to apply their research results directly to the industry. they wish to set a new paradigm in the field of healthcare. lastly, green valley is determined to make significant contributions to the establishment of the shanghai technological innovation center.

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