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the "belt and road" humanitarian relief program for children with congenital heart disease


recently, under the "2018, the journey of angels - the humanitarian assistance programs for children with major diseases along the belt and road" afghanistan action plan funded by green valley, 27 children (the fourth group) from afghanistan with congenital heart disease arrived in xinjiang to receive free surgical treatment. the program supporters are thus closer to their goal of providing humanitarian aid to 100 children from afghanistan with congenital heart disease.


green valley is an innovation-driven pharmaceutical company committed to developing drugs that patients are yearning for. at green valley, we focus our efforts on pathogenesis research for complex chronic diseases and carbohydrate drugs development in the areas of central nervous system, cardiovascular and tumor immunology. we are striving to contribute chinese innovative treatment, especially for brain health to benefit patients all over the valley cares about patients around the globe. it is an important sponsor and one of the first donors of the silk road fraternity fund of the chinese red cross foundation. green valley actively supports the humanitarian and public welfare undertakings of the red cross as well as the “belt and road” initiative.


according to the latest feedback from the chinese red cross foundation, the 27 afghanistan children with congenital heart disease will receive free surgical treatment at the first affiliated hospital of xinjiang medical university. in order to guarantee the success of these surgeries, the chinese red cross foundation formed a team of experts in pediatric cardiac surgery, cardiopulmonary bypass, and intensive care from shanghai children's medical center and beijing anzhen hospital. the foundation also received the assistance of experts from xinjiang medical university who held group consultations to solve the especially difficult cases. the surgeries are expected to be completed within four or five days.


reports indicate that most children with congenital heart disease are diagnosed with the disease by the time they are three or four years old. due to scarce healthcare resources in afghanistan, these children never have the opportunity to undergo comprehensive physicals or treatments in hospitals. these children and their families were very grateful for the opportunity to go to china for surgical treatment. the hope of everyone at green valley is that these children grow strong and healthy after their surgery and remain disease-free.

providing access to health care for those in need is a major and complex global challenge. we go far beyond the medicine. as committed to be a responsible corporate citizen. green valley is responsible in actions to  improve healthcare accessibility and the community.


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