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jointly building a dementia-friendly world
green valley volunteers went to communities, to care for the elderly and safeguard their memories.

today is the 25th world alzheimer's day. according to statistics, every three seconds, an elderly person in the world develops dementia, and one more family is left to take on caring for their loved one.


green valley, an r&d and innovation driven biopharmaceutical company, has been and always will be persistent in its fight against alzheimer's disease. we made a promise to: always keep in mind the mission of “developing drugs that patients are yearning for,” and solve "the difficulties involved in exploring the mysteries of life." we made a wish that: patients could once again recall the good old days and face their disease with courage; family members could be reminded of the ties of kinship and take the responsibility of caregiving with greater ease.


green valley's commitment extends far beyond the drug itself. with the aforementioned wishes of “never forget, never fear”, we went to the comprehensive elderly service center on wuliqiao street, and organized a special volunteer activity, in a bid to bring positive energy to local communities!


icebreaker: share gifts from nature


a strong physique derives from fresh and organic food.

at the beginning of the event, green valley volunteers presented the service center with organic vegetables from green valley's own eco-farm. this was a small gift from nature and green valley.


keep in mind the beauty of life

activity for patients: kaleidoscope salon


green valley hopes that despite their fading memories,

the boundless beauty of this world will still be accessible to patients with dementia.

hand exercises can improve brain function and cognitive abilities. on the day of the event, 15 elderly patients with ad, appreciated the kaleidoscope treasures from abroad and made simple kaleidoscopes with green valley volunteers. the beautiful ever-changing patterns amazed and pleased everyone.


take the responsibility of caregiving

lectures on caregiving tips for patient family members


green valley hopes that, even if caregiving is fraught with difficulties, respite care may still instill confidence in caregivers.

we invited yao qinqin, a professional lecturer at the health promotion society of shanghai xintu community, to give a vivid lecture on caregiving for patients’ family members and caregivers at the service center. the lecture covered an analysis of problematic behaviors, communication skills, mini games, and aerobics. participants said that they learned a lot and that they found the lecture interesting and useful.

apart from exploring the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases green valley will always keep in mind its social responsibilities, pool resources from different social sectors, and co-build dementia-friendly communities. let's work with green valley. every bit of your care and kindness will benefit more ad patients.

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