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coronary microcirculation intervention was expected to bring a new perspective to precise treatment of coronary artery disease

on july 5, an academic symposium titled“meticulous and innovative care”on disturbances of coronary microcirculation, hosted by the china cardiovascular association and china heart house (suzhou industrial park), and co-organized by shanghai green valley pharmaceutical co., ltd., was held in beijing. the symposium was aimed at building an authoritative academic platform, establishing a nationwide network of cardiovascular experts, improving the knowledge of coronary microcirculatory dysfunction among chinese doctors, helping more patients with cardiovascular disease to improve the effects of their coronary microcirculatory dysfunction, and improving the diagnosis and treatment of coronary artery disease in china. zhang shuyang, vice president of the peking union medical college hospital and zhang fuchun, president of peking university third hospital, haidian branch, chaired the symposium and delivered speeches. the academic symposiums were held in 10 provinces and cities in china begun by beijing.


cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for adults. in china, the incidence of cardiovascular disease is on the rise. microcirculatory dysfunction is a major cause of coronary artery disease. microcirculatory dysfunction in the heart can cause and produce symptoms of coronary artery disease including chest tightness, palpitations, arrhythmia, angina pectoris, and even myocardial infarction. the impact of coronary microcirculatory dysfunction on the coronary blood supply and myocardial metabolism should be carefully considered in clinical practices. active interventions are also needed to improve patients' quality of life and prognosis.


at the symposium, professor guo lijun from peking university third hospital elaborated on the clinical importance of active interventions on coronary microcirculatory disturbances by analyzing the relationship between cmvd, coronary artery disease, myocardial disease, and pci. professor ji fusui from the beijing hospital of the ministry of health and other experts present at the symposium held an in-depth discussion on the strategies of clinical intervention for coronary microcirculatory dysfunction. professor ji fusui also pointed out that salvianolate can effectively improve coronary microcirculation. professor bulun from the 8th medical center of the chinese pla general hospital shared some clinical cases in which salvianolate improved coronary microcirculation. he also emphasized the clinical importance of active interventions on coronary microcirculatory dysfunction.


in the final summary, zhang fuchun, president of the peking university third hospital, haidian branch, indicated that, “our knowledge of coronary microcirculation has four dimensions. depth: our understanding of angina pectoris involves not only epicardium and structural changes, but also endocardium and functional disorders. width: angina pectoris cannot be explained merely from the perspective of coronary artery lesions. precise treatment can be achieved by implementing the concept of coronary microcirculatory dysfunction. temperature: drugs aimed at improving microcirculation can be beneficial and used concomitantly in patients with angina pectoris when conventional treatment options are not effective. height: our peers can improve their theoretical knowledge via systematic learning. the subject of coronary microcirculation is very profound. i hope that this symposium will give our peers new insights into coronary microcirculation, promote in-depth research in related fields, and bring new perspectives in the prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease."

as a modern and patient-centered chinese pharmaceutical company, green valley pharmaceutical co., ltd. hopes to keep improving the diagnosis and treatment quality for cardiovascular diseases, reduce cardiovascular-related mortality rates, and improve the quality of life for patients in china through diversified cooperation and by leveraging the advantages and expertise of multiple parties. we believe that the “meticulous and innovative care” project will help improve chinese doctors' knowledge of coronary microcirculatory dysfunction and raise the quality of its diagnosis and treatment. green valley's salvianolate injection is a successful example of an organic innovator drug with a clear ingredient and pharmacokinetic information list as well as strict quality control. it is able to improve microcirculation via multiple mechanisms of action, mitigate microcirculatory dysfunction safely and effectively in clinical practices, and bring clinical benefits to post-pci patients or patients who suffer from cardiovascular diseases and develop symptoms, such as stable angina and acute coronary syndrome.

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