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good news | green valley and its product was named "shanghai famous brand" for the third time

at the beginning of 2018, the shanghai municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision announced a piece of good news;  green valley and its flagship product "salvianolate injection" stood out by winning the title of "2017, shanghai famous brand." this prestigious honor was given after a preliminary review, professional review, social evaluation, comprehensive review, online release, and final approval organized by the office of shanghai famous brand recommendation committee. the news was published on the 7th page of the jiefang daily on december 31, 2017. this was the third time that green valley won the title of "shanghai famous brand." the previous awards were for the years 2013 and 2015.


the "shanghai famous brand" award was initiated by the shanghai famous brand recommendation committee in 1994 to advance the famous brand strategy of shanghai. in addition, it recognized a group of competitive enterprises with indigenous intellectual property rights and strong global competitiveness. the evaluation team consists of members from the shanghai municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision, the publicity department of the municipal party committee, the municipal development and reform commission, and the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission. they assess candidate enterprises from different dimensions including public awareness, industry leadership, innovation capacity, and they carry out a comprehensive and multi-stage evaluation including preliminary review, first review, second review, etc. each assessment is subject to strict standards and covers a broad range of indicators including product awareness, customer satisfaction, service quality, innovation capacity, company image, and development momentum. the shanghai famous brand award is an important part of shanghai's strategy to build itself into a city of global excellence while developed famous brands.

according to the "shanghai famous brand regulations" officially issued by the shanghai municipal bureau of quality and technical supervision, shanghai famous brands refer to those recommended by the shanghai famous brand recommendation committee. these enterprises have exhibited great popularity, a high satisfaction rate, strong innovation capacity, high market share, good economic returns, high brand value, excellent quality, great development momentum, good public image, and other basic attributes. the shanghai famous brand recommendation committee sticks to the principle of “no lifelong tenure” and “no charge.”

green valley has been given the title of "shanghai famous brand" for the third time. this undoubtedly represents recognition and encouragement from the public along with the shanghai municipal government. it is also the result of patients' support and the joint efforts of green valley employees.

over the years, green valley has focused on updating traditional and classical medications with modern technology and developing only the most requested drugs in order to improve the quality of life and save more lives utilizing organic and precise innovator drugs. the company's flagship product, salvianolate, has also won multiple awards including major awards from influential organizations such as the state council, the ministry of science and technology, and the chinese academy of sciences. this drug has been recommended by industry experts and in influential books multiple times. it has played an important role in the treatment of coronary artery disease (especially stable angina caused by coronary artery disease) and it is the secondary prevention for post-pci and post-cabg patients, patients with heart failure, or patients receiving conservative therapies.

as a bio-pharmaceutical enterprise driven by innovation, research, and development, green valley pursues the sacred mission of "changing ones destiny via the brain." green valley adheres to a patient-centered approach and focuses its efforts on developing precise brain diagnoses and treatment platforms. green valley provides innovative diagnostic and treatment solutions for patients worldwide with neuropsychiatric diseases (primarily alzheimer's disease) and other complex chronic diseases still facing enormous treatment barriers. these barriers include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. the core strengths of green valley lie in its ability to explore pathogenesis.    

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