gv-971: spearheading global drug development for alzheimer's disease with a new perspective

on oct.25th 2018, in the middle of the 11th clinical trials on alzheimer’s disease conference held in barcelona, the green valley scientific advisory committee was formally established, and thereupon held its first meeting, where 16 top ad experts including jeffrey cummings, eric reiman, bruno dubois, martin farlow, jacques touchon, zhang zhenxin, xiao shifu, and chen biao, attended the discussion.

at the meeting, experts discussed and interpreted the phase 3 clinical trial data of gv-971 (sodium oligomannurarate), as well as envisioned global clinical trials in the future. it was agreed that the phase 3 clinical trial in china was well-designed with a large sample size, leading to inspiring results. the phase 3 clinical trial data proved that gv-971 possessed statistical and clinical significance in terms of improving the cognitive function of ad patients. “the trial of gv-971 consistently showed a cognitive improvement, that it has promised as a new therapy for alzheimer’s disease,” said jeffrey cummings, md, renowned neurologist, recipient of the bengt winblad lifetime achievement award, professor of neurology at the cleveland clinic lou ruvo center for brain health.   

experts had a deeper reading of the hierarchical data and the subgroup analysis. with that, new perspectives were presented on further exploring research data and on future global clinical research of gv-971. at the same time, inspirations were sparked as of future ad drug development. 

the next step for gv-971 is to start global registry. amidst this process, all members of the green valley scientific advisory committee will be actively engaged in the design ofglobal research. it is expected that gv-971 can bring benefit to ad patients across the whole world. 

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