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good news | gv-971, chinese great achievement in novel ad medicine development, grabs lots of attention from chinese and international media

at the 11th clinical trials on alzheimer's disease conference on oct. 25, dr. meiyu geng, key inventor of gv-971 and professor at shanghai institute of materia medica, chinese academy of sciences, presented key findings from a phase 3 clinical trial of sodium oligo-mannurarate (gv-971) for mild-to-moderate alzheimer’s disease on behalf of the research team and green valley. it was highly applauded by the audience on the scene and was highly recognized by ctad scientific committee members.

after 36 weeks of treatment, gv-971 can significantly improve the cognitive impairment of alzheimer's disease with remarkable curative effect.  in the perspective of adverse events, gv-971, with good safety, showed a similar profile to that of placebo control. it is expected to become the first novel multi-targeting oligosaccharide drug of alzheimer’s disease worldwide. accordingly, green valley is expected to become a global leading player in the area of carbohydrate-based medicine development and production.

the great achievement has attracted wide attention from both chinese and international media. according to latest media monitoring data as of november 6th, we’ve got 748 pick-ups of chinese mainstream media and over 551 pick-ups of international media. xinhua news agency and cctv, most influential national-level press organization in china, interviewed prof. geng right after her presentation on the scene. on the very day of professor geng meiyu's presentation, xinhua news agency issued trilingual news reports in spanish, english and chinese respectively and cctv broadcasted hottest news through its multiple channels, spreading this exciting achievement all over the world.


cctv-1, cctv-2, cctv-news(china), cctv-news (international) quoted positive feedback on gv-971 from global leading experts in alzheimer's disease research, and spoke highly on wide recognition gv-971 has won from international peers.



cctv-news  the world today


up until now, gv-971 is becoming an extremely hot word on important pages of most influential media in china, such as people's dailyscience and technology daily,economic dailyjiefang daily and etc. in addition, most popular news portals in china like tencentneteasebiovalley cited key findings of gv-971 phase 3 clinical trial giving solid proof for significant improvement in cognition and safety of gv-971.

meanwhile, quotes from mr. lv songtao, chairman & general manager of green valley pharmaceuticals was widely adopted by lots of key media, and in particular, by chinese governmental and industrial official websites and their affiliated media. we have successfully conveyed green valley’s strong ambition to cooperate with global partners and firm commitments to fight against alzheimer's disease.


gv-971 and green valley have witnessed wide and diversified media coverage across national-level media, most popular general news portals, healthcare media and business media both in china and abroad. with its firm mission of "developing drugs that patients are yearning for", green valley is committed to building a globalized carbohydrate medical center aiming to contribute healthcare solutions with chinese wisdom for patients with complex chronic diseases worldwide.

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